Who is Alan Hennessy

Who is Alan Hennessy

Alan Hennessy is a Digital and Content Marketing Consultant, Social Media Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster.

Alan founded Kompass Media in 2015, offering a different approach to managing Digital Marketing online. The company manages social media accounts for sole traders right up to corporate clients.

Also, Alan runs very successful Social Media Training programs aimed at helping both companies and individuals develop and understand social media marketing. These can be in a group or one to one settings. Training can be done on-site or remotely via video/Skype calls, making it ideal for busy people and in any location that suits them.

Alan Teaching Social Media with the Bray Chamber of Commerce

On a regular basis, Alan speaks at various events on a variety of subjects based around Digital and Social Media Marketing. He has the knowledge and knowhow but more importantly is able to impart his knowledge with good delivery skills and a great personality. He is also the Digital Marketing Coordinator for the Biz Expo Ireland’s Largest SMEs Business Exhibition and seminars for the past three years. He has also delivered talks and workshops at these events on Social Media for business and The Power of Podcasting”.

 Alan provides Video Webinar Training for companies wishing to produce high-quality professional webinars. On Kompass Media YouTube channel, you can find a wide range of tutorials on the aspect of social media platforms.

One of Alan’s new ventures is presenting, producing and editing weekly podcasts called Social Media Talks. He has already interviewed some of the world’s most influential people in business and in particular in his area of expertise digital and social media. Alan and Kompass Media also offer a service for people wishing to develop their own podcast. The Company provides studio time, post-production and publishing services.

Interviewees on Social Media Talks (#SMTalks) include:

Joanne Sweeny Burke The Digital Training Institute  
Madalyn Skylar Twitter Marketing Strategist, Twitter Smarter
Paul O’Mahony Entrepreneur, Sunday Independent Columnist, Author
Ted Rubin Keynote Speaker, Social Media Strategist, Author
Viveka von Rosen The Linkedin Expert, Author, CVO Vengreso
Kami Huyse Zoeticamedia.com
Sue B Zimmerman The Instagram Expert
Julia Bramble Bramblebuzz.co.uk
Steve Dotto Dottotech.com
Kevan Lee Director of Marketing at Buffer
Andy Lambert  Co-Founder of ContentCal UK

Alan has entered a new arena of social media with a weekly Twitter Chat on twitter called  #SocialTalkHour, which he collaborates with Trevor Lorkings aka The Digital Alchemist. Not content with the hour they have gone on to create The Social Talk Academy, which produces online training courses to help businesses with social and digital marketing.

Alan and Trevor have now taken the Academy one stage further and have commenced personal training and Mentorship programs to individuals and companies on the various aspects of marketing and digital effectiveness, both in Ireland and the United Kingdom.


Viveka von Rosen (The LinkedIn Expert & Chief Visibility Officer at Vengresso)

“It is a pleasure to work with Alan. He is so prepared, is extremely professional and has the perfect balance. He is a great interviewer and I would highly recommend him.”

Ted Rubin (Ranked in Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers)
"I am impressed with Alan. He knows how to connect and engage. Alan finds points of emotional connection and looks people in the eye digitally. Alan is on point, direct, engaged, well informed. Work with Alan if you get the opportunity. I love anytime I engage with him. Alan gets it all because he stays informed and connected"
Paul O’Mahony (International Speaker & CEO Left Click Right Click)
If you are looking for any support when it comes to podcasts or social media, Alan is your guy. Kompass Media is an amazing company. Alan is extremely experienced, as he head of digital and social. I can highly recommend any of the social media and digital marketing training programmes that Alan and his company provide.
Trevor Lorkings (The Digital Alchemist)
Alan is a dependable business associate that has an eagerness to assist others with his astute and empathetic approach to business. He has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of social media and digital marketing: moreover, he is very personable and has a calm, considered and amicable attitude in his dealings with others.
Madalyn Sklar: (Leading Twitter Expert (Twitter Smarter)
Alan Hennessy is the real deal. He cares about people and it shows in his podcast, his training sessions and courses. Alan has a great radio voice and he is perfect for podcasts.
Joanne Sweeney Burke (The Digital Training Institute & JSBTalks Podcasts)
I have worked with Alan on both my podcast and as an interviewee on his Social Media Talks podcast. He has a great understanding of both podcasting and social media and is professional and affable, two qualities vital in a business relationship. His podcasts provide valuable information to small and medium size business owners and it is a useful resource for anyone hoping to increase their social media knowledge and putting into practice to increase their skills.
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