Stand Out From The Crowd.

When we are building relationships in business whether that be offline or online we must accept it should be for a long term and not focus just on today. Looking at the online challenges we face every day here are some areas to take into consideration.

How to Build Credibility.

If you are looking to connect with someone you admire or would like to be part of their network, it is important to set yourself apart as a person that is worth knowing. Just reaching out with a friend request may work sometimes, but this will not make you memorable in their eyes.

Try to find mutual ground that is common to both of you, friends, colleagues maybe the college you both attended, conferences you are both going to or have been at, pieces of work you share a common interest in. By establishing your credibility at the outset, it makes it clear it would be a great interaction for both parties.

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Show off Your Value. 

To break away from the hundreds of request your peers receive every day you need to show the value in connecting with you. Here is an example of adding value to someone’s life.

I received a message a few days before I was due to give a training session in Cork which the person was attending. The individual asked if I had ever seen the real sights of Cork through a native Cork-born person, as he was a walking tour guide for the city and if my schedule allowed it he would be delighted to show me around.

I could have rambled around the city looking at the sites, but a guide would be a lot more interesting. By taking into consideration his skills and offering them to me this added value to both of us. The message here is to stand out from the noise and see how you can help others and add value for them.

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Stand Out From The Crowd.

Highlight what makes you different from the rest, remember it does not mean you have to do the same thing, try mixing up your content. A lot of people want to connect with interesting people. Why? Because it could be something that excites them or could be fun to learn about.

We all meet new and fascinating individuals every day and this is no different online. So reference work you have completed or blogs you may have written or groups you are involved with (Not work-related). This could be the spark to ignite potential new followers curiosity and entice them to connect with you. In a nutshell ……be different.

Remember Difference makes the Difference.

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Expect Nothing in Return.

All too often we are looking for something when we connect with others online or we want something from them if we initiate a connection request. The question I would ask you is, Would you do this if you were just introduced? The answer is probably NOT.

I receive email or connection requests on Social Media and you know the person is looking for something from you or even worse when you accept the request you get a barrage of email offers or messages offering you services or products. This boils my blood. If you want to connect and build meaningful relationships and over time help me to understand what you do, this is fine.

Think about it….. In real life with any relationship, you build it is about investing time, building rapport, gaining trust and becoming likable. If someone sold to you the minute they got to know you, you would turn and walk away. That is human nature. So don’t do it online. Connect in the understanding that you only want to build that relationship and in time things can develop.

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Final Note

In the age, we live in not only is it so much easier for us to connect with our peers, influencers and even celebrities today. So why not use these networks to build relationships with the KLT Methodology (Know Like & Trust). Create long and meaningful connections.

Reach out and connect with me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day.

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