Why ebooks are a great Addition to Your Marketing Strategy

WHY eBooks Are a Great Addition to Your Marketing Strategy.

The eBook as we know today as an electronic manuscript has a number of great benefits. It’s an information guide and it is easily accessible online to name but a few. In a busy world where we want information instantly and on-demand, eBooks lead the charge. Customer Interest: eBook’s can be produced to enrich your […]

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Oh! So That’s How Hashtags Work

When I meet with clients or students one of the key questions I get asked is , What are the purposes for using hashtags on Twitter or Instagram? Hashtags are not just for these two platforms, they also have a huge amount of power when used on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They really are universal […]

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Tips That Make People Want to Share Your Content

We have put together a blog post from the content we shared on a recent Social Media Talks Podcast, which may be of use to you if you looking to learn more about getting more eyeballs on your Content and that will make people want to share your content. 1. Curiosity Preview Content Create content […]

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