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Your Content is King, The Power of a Podcast!

Make Your Digital Content Stand Out!

Common practice for reaching your customers is great content that adds value to individuals. A fairly standard statement, so what does that mean to you?

Every Marketer tells you the written word is powerful and Video Live Streaming gains you an extensive reach. Yes, this is very true and does work fantastically well in most cases, but will it make you stand out from the rest in this noisy space?

There is only one problem with this kind of marketing. It is a single based option, meaning you have to concentrate on reading or watching the video.

Choosing Another Option!

What if I could offer you another option that would allow your potential clients and customers a chance to multitask while getting your message and adding value to their day.

Our minds are wired in two ways. 7% is taken up by the conscious and 93% taken up by the unconscious mind. This gives us the ability to listen while performing other tasks such as walking or running.

An area of marketing that is having an incredible resurgence over the past year or two is Podcasting. Hence it has never been easier with all of the new technology available to us now to record and publish your own Podcast with this type of content.

Above all, you can share your expertise with a wider audience, reach new prospects. Tell your story in a meaningful concise way. Create visibility and build authority, develop evergreen content that you can re-share over and over again. Add value and build rapport with advocates for your brand. Answer questions that people want to learn from and entertain your new audience with the Power of Podcasting.

Find Out More Information

For more details and to find out more on how podcasts can help you grow your personal brand or company. Take some time out and give me a call 086 845 9960 or drop me an email: alan@kompassmedia.ie

"You bring total professionalism to the job and yet bring us along to the next stage of media development" BiBi Baskin International Radio & TV Host

Bibi's Wellness Wisdom Podcast

We offer a wide range of different options on Podcasting Services for more details you can visit our website for more details http://kompassmedia.ie/podcasts/production-services/

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Finally, If you are interested in starting your own podcast Alan from Kompass Media provides training and Production Service as well. Visit the website at http://kompassmedia.ie/podcasts/production-services/

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For more information on Podcasting services, Kompass Media can provide.
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