Bibi Baskin Testimonial

Bibi Baskin Testimonial

Podcast Services Endorsement

In a recent interview on Irish Prime Time TV programme The Six O'Clock Show on Virgin Media TV, Bibi Baskin was chatting with Martin King and Muireann O'Connell about what projects she is working on at the moment. Bibi has moved into the Wellness and Motivational Area.

Bibi spoke about creating content through short video's and adding a small quote with each post and over the past few months, they were well received.

Over the years Bibi's background has been based on TV and Radio broadcasting with these skills in mind, she started to create podcasts, which were getting a great reaction. Building on this, she decided to contact Alan after being on his Social Media Talks Podcast a few months previous and develop this aspect of her marketing and create professional podcasts that would increase her visibility and credibility in this sector.

We were delighted that Bibi mentioned Kompass Media and Alan for his professional approach and production in recording her new series of Podcasts. Please see below for the edited mention of Kompass Media and Alan in the interview.

To listen to Bibi's Podcast visit her website at

Thanks, Bibi for your endorsement for our Podcasting Services, if you would like more information visit our Podcast Production page on the website.

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