Why Social Media Management

Never has Social Media been so important to a Marketing Strategy as it is today. Having the ability to reach new and existing customers or clients in the online business world today can ensure your brand, whether it be personal/company or organisation, has a voice across the social networks.

Having a strong presence on Social Media is now as important as having a website. This is your gateway to achieving visibility to a much wider audience. Gaining an understanding of how these platforms work can be very daunting, time-consuming and expensive. Let’s break down that statement:


A large number of business owners are under the impression they must be on every network in order to keep up with their competitors. That is when panic sets in and wondering “How am I going to run my business and manage these tasks as well?”.

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The answer is you don’t have to be on every network …. You need to concentrate on where your audience is. It is like buying every shop on the high street and stocking them with your products and hoping they all will do well. You know that will never work. When one shop is doing well you expand to another shop. The same goes with Social Media…..now this task does not seem as daunting. Kompass Media can guide you through the process to help you understand where you need to position your business.

 Time Consuming

The next issue you have is TIME. You are trying to run a business and cannot be everything to everyone and there are not enough hours in the day to do both, run the Business and Social Media.

Take that stress away and you concentrate on the business and we can develop your Social Media presence and ensure it reaches its true potential.


This is one of the big factors that hold businesses back from out-sourcing Social Media Management. Let's look at this is two different ways:

 1. You can ask a friend who is good on social media to spend a bit of time, each week posting a few photos and videos for you. Would you let that person run your bricks and mortar business (Physical Shop) the answer would probably be NO? Then why would you let them run your business online? Plus you would have to pay them…. Are they going to create the right content with strong imagery and text and video for you? NO! Are they going to give you a report analysis every quarter? No! Do they have the skills to carry out these tasks? NO! But we do

2.  Maybe you could do your own social media. Would this not take you away from running your Business and cost you in long run. Yes, it probably will. Think of the time you are losing and how much you value your time.

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 The benefits of outsourcing and engaging with a Social Media Manager are: 

·     This is their full-time job

·     They can perform a full Social Media Audit and generate reports

·     They understand the power of each platform

·     They are aware of the current trends and updates on all the Social Media networks

·     They know what works and the language to use on these networks

·     They are aware how content should be structured

·     They can provide fully measured Analysis reports

·     They will advise you on further developing your online presence.

Kompass Media Social Media Management Services include:
  • Social Media Consultancy
  • Social Media Audits
  • Social Media Network Development
  • Social Media Profile Management
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

We provide professional management of your Business Social Media Channels to Increase Engagement, Lead Generation, Brand Visibility and increase social proofing for your Business.

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