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Reasons to start your own Podcast

Podcast Insights

Have you ever thought about creating a Podcast, but just don't know where to start or don't understand the reason for having one.

Alan our head of digital and the host of the Social Media Talks Podcast recently recorded a video via Facebook Live   where he spoke about some of the reasons for starting a podcast and the benefits they have to offer.

The topics covered in the broadcast where

  1. The statistics to back up the popularity of iTunes and its reach
  2. Why you should create your own podcast
  3. Excellent way to build new connections
  4. Showcase Your Expertise
  5. Build your Authority and show your credibility

Watch the full video here

For full details on any of the topics covered in this video. Please contact Alan by email alan@kompassmedia.ie

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Alan Hennessy is a Digital and Content Marketing Consultant, Social Media Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster. Alan founded Kompass Media in 2015, offering a different approach to managing Digital Marketing online. He presents a weekly Podcast called  Social Media Talks and has interviewed the worlds leading Social Media Power Influencers and Business Professionals. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and is also a qualified Trainer. Follow Alan on Twitter @kompassmedia

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