Podcast Marketing Resources

Podcast Marketing Resources

Podcast Marketing Resources

Here is a list of Podcast Marketing Resources I use on a weekly basis. They have increased my knowledge and helped me to work more efficiently. The real essence of good time management is making your business life easier.

Podcasts are a great tool for research, education, and entertainment. As my good friend Madalyn Sklar says "Work Smarter Not Harder".  Listening to these Podcasts can help you by adding another dimension of value to your business. Furthermore, I hope this has saved you some time in trying to find great Podcasts and helps you to gain a better understanding of Business and Marketing.


I have to admit listening to podcasts has been a great marketing resource of education and entertainment for me. I cannot tell you the last time I listened to Music Radio (Sidenote: Only My Radio Shows…. that's all). Here are some of my favourite go-to Podcasts.

Social Media Talks Podcast:

Our weekly Podcast where we interview Leading Social Media Power Influencers in the world of Digital Marketing & Business. #SMTalks

The Social Media Talks Podcast

Communities That Covert:

A weekly Podcast hosted by  Madalyn Sklar & Kami Huyse Chatting about Digital Marketing and Building Communities that convert #CTCPodcast

Social Pro Podcast:

Hosted By Jay Baer & Adam Brown of Salesforce: Listen for real insight on the real people doing real work in social media.

Twitter Smarter Podcast:

Hosted By Madalyn Sklar: Weekly Podcast where Madalyn chats with Guests and asking the Question “What are your best Twitter tips?”

The Smart Passive Income:

Hosted By Pat Flynn: Weekly Interviews, Strategy, and Advice for building your online business

The School of Greatness:

Hosted By Lewis Howes: Dream Bigger, Live Better, Make An Impact

The Marketing Companion Podcast 

Hosted by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster: The world’s most entertaining marketing podcast.

Entrepreneurs on Fire:

Hosted By John Lee Dumas: Interviews with inspiring Entrepreneurs to help YOU on your Entrepreneurial journey!

Youpreneur.FM Podcast

Hosted By Chris Ducker: Weekly Podcast for Entrepreneur to help them to succeed.

Podcasts are a huge source of information, Education, and Entertainment so I would advise you to go and take a listen to some of these podcasts. These are my recommended Podcast that I think you will enjoy and gain some fantastic insight into business and Marketing online and offline.

Kompass Media - Weekly Podcast:

The Social Media Talks Podcast

Furthermore, If you would like to subscribe to the podcast head over to Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and maybe listen back to some fantastic interesting guests with so much expertise to share with you. Please leave us a rating and review as it helps with our ranking also on Apple Podcasts.

Finally, If you are interested in starting your own podcast Alan from Kompass Media provides training and Production Service as well. Visit the website at http://kompassmedia.ie/podcasts/production-services/

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